Congregations Acting for Justice and Empowerment
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Our Proven, Four-Step Process

CAJE uses a multi-step process created by The DART Center, a large network of faith-based organizations that drives community change in cities across the country. Locally, we tailored the process to include an extra step that allows us to follow our solutions to completion. It’s a proven system that ensures action and accountability.


step #1: Listen

Every campaign year, CAJE-trained leaders, called Justice Ministers, spend time meeting one-on-one and in small groups with our members. Insightful conversations are started, and from those, emerge common social issues and injustices happening in our communities. Hundreds of CAJE members vote at our annual Community Problems Assembly to determine the 1-2 most pressing problems we'll take on that campaign year.



Step #2: Research

Over the next 3-4 months, groups of CAJE volunteers dig deep into each problem identified during the Community Problems Assembly. We gain extensive knowledge by studying data, meeting local and national subject matter experts, and getting input from individuals with first-hand experience with the problem. From our in-depth research process comes a viable, evidence-based solution for each problem.


step #3: Action

The first step in putting our solutions into action begins with our large Nehemiah Action Assembly. Nearly 1,500 people, including members of the public, politicians, law enforcement officers and company leaders, attend the assembly to hear testimonies, learn disturbing trends, and learn our recommended solution. At that meeting, we ask our invited decision-makers if they are willing to take action and do what's required to make real community change.


step #4: Follow Through

While CAJE isn't often directly involved in the implementation of our solutions, we actively serve on tasks forces, committees and continually monitor the progress until completion. If, during the Nehemiah Action, the decision-makers don't agree to support our recommendations, we remain committed to the cause and continue to work with them and other until our solution is implemented.

Click here for an example of CAJE's process in action.